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Export Marketing Fund (EMF)

From April 30, 2021, the scope of funding of the Fund will be extended to large-scale exhibitions organized by institutions with a good track record targeting the local market; Online exhibitions organised by exhibition organisers; and relaxation of the requirement to apply only to SMEs for a period of two years.

Application requirements:

  1. An unlisted company registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310 of the Laws of Hong Kong)

  2. When applying for the fund, the enterprise must have substantive business operations in Hong Kong. It cannot be a shell company or an enterprise engaged in main business operations outside Hong Kong - If the enterprise has received funding from the Fund before, the accumulated funding amount cannot exceed the cumulative funding ceiling stipulated by the fund

  3. The enterprise is not the sponsor/co-organizer/service provider or a company related to the sponsor/co-organizer/service provider of the export promotion activities and services related to the event

Purpose of Technology Voucher Grants:

  • Fairs/exhibitions held in Hong Kong, targeting markets outside Hong Kong or the local market

  • Sales/exhibitions outside Hong Kong

  • Overseas business and trade delegation from Hong Kong

  • Online business delegation

  • Advertise in trade publications targeting markets outside Hong Kong

  • Mainly target markets outside Hong Kong through electronic platforms/media export promotion activities such as placing advertisements, keyword searches, uploading products
    information, building or optimizing an online store, etc

  • To establish or optimize the main target market owned by the applicant company with markets outside Hong Kong company website/mobile app for export promotion

Application Type and Period:

Actual reimbursement
The event end date of the promotion, or submit your application within 60 calendar days from the date of completion

Initial Appropriation cum Final Appropriation

45 to 120 days before the project startsSubmit application within calendar daysAfter completing the relevant promotion activities, in the promotionWithin 60 calendar days from the date of completion of the event,Submit the appropriate terminal grant application

Review application 

The trial process will be completed within 30 full working days from that day

Supporting Documents

  1. Application form

  2. Copy of valid business registration certificate

  3. Form 1A OR 1C / NAR1 OR NNC1

  4. A copy of the valid Hong Kong identity card or passport of the person who signed the application form on behalf of the applicant enterprise

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